We all know it feels amazing to get snail mail, and that there’s nothing quite as cute or nice as actually receiving a card, IRL, that you can hold in your hands. The issue is, in our current world of digital media and instant communication, snail mail has taken the back seat, and despite your best intentions, you never actually do the thing and mail the card. Enter The Good Snail.

Through our cute-as-hell platform, you can buy cards from emerging designers with super on-point aesthetic sensibilities, include your message, and we’ll take care of putting it together and sending the lil’ baby out for you.

What’s more, we’ve curated a selection of fictional “writers” who can display your message in their font for you, because at The Good Snail, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and let’s face it, sending snail-mail through a digital platform is kind of ironic. So why not go all the way and send your message in the voice of one of our characters, who we promise, will be as over-the-top as they sound.

It’s simple. Pick your card, pick your character, write your message, and we’ll craft something that your person-on-the-other-end will realistically want to put on their fridge (or in their journal) depending on what’s inside. Real cards, real messages, fake writers, v funny.


The Good Snail