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What is The Good Snail?

At The Good Snail, we want our cards to feel authentic...you know that feeling you get when you send your best friend a late-night meme about an inside joke, and you just know it’ll make them laugh out loud? That’s the feeling we want to bring to the world of greeting cards. We think that cards should be fun and express your personality in a memorable way. 

We all know it feels amazing to get snail mail. The issue is, in our current world of digital media and instant communication, snail mail has taken the back seat, and despite your best intentions, you never actually do the thing and mail the card. Enter, The Good Snail.

Through our platform, you can buy cards from card designers with super on-point aesthetic sensibilities, include your message or just leave it blank, and we’ll take care of putting it together and sending it out for you.

We understand that people have those good intentions to reach out and connect, but they don’t always get around to actually doing it. Cards don’t cure, but they sure do help which is why we created The Good Snail.


The Good Snail was established by Julie Reif, a creative entrepreneur with a love for tech and good ol’ fashioned paper. With a background in community building and entrepreneurship, Julie curated a team of incredible designers to add a touch of joy and personality to the ways that people communicate and connect.

As an avid card collector herself, Julie realized that a lot of people love to give and receive heartfelt or fun cards in the mail. However, in this crazy day and age, it can be tough to dedicate time to finding just the right card, coming up with a meaningful message to write in it, and getting the darn thing out to the mail on time! The Good Snail gives people the chance to send cards without all the hassle, while simultaneously supporting a range of independent artists.

Over the past ten years, Julie has not only poured herself into the greeting card community, but has also collaborated with other independent designers to create Mail with Love, a charity that has donated over 10,000 cards and counting to organizations like the Ronald McDonald House, United Way, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, and the Jack Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

“I’ve had a love for cards since I was a child. They’re little pieces of art with heartfelt messages that can be saved for a lifetime. To be a part of someones’ memories like that is priceless. Cards don’t cure, but they sure do help us to connect!


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