Copy of Meet The Writers

Uptown Girl

Armed with my closet of incredibly rare Balenciaga and Maison Margiela, I’m a semi-professional socialite with some of the nicest hair on the Upper East side. That said, the view I have from my townhouse is absolutely stunning, so I’m often working from home with an activated charcoal mask on my face and my dog on my lap – I’m trying to be the next Carrie Bradshaw, because I’ve been told before that I have her “essence”.  My spirit animal is Audrey Hepburn, but I’m also extremely ambitious, and because of that have been compared before to Vladimir Putin, I think as a joke.
Things I like to write about:
  • Any sort of party or event invites (I have 5-star cursive, courtesy of my top-notch private school education)
  • Apology letters to smooth awkward situations out
  • Sharing special news!
  • Congratulations letters

    Let’s Get Rad!

    I’m a hardcore punk scenester with a passion for safety pin earrings, 10 year old Doc Marten laceups, and murdered-out leather jackets. My hobbies include spazzing out at noise shows and reading Nietzsche, or really any bleak literature focused on boredom and nihilism. I’m currently writing my own anti-establishment guide to never selling out, which I’m planning on self-publishing at the anarchist bookstore I live above. You’d never know it, but I’m a sensitive romantic on a quest to find a lady who might be willing to help me spike my mohawk. They say still waters run deep, but I’m neither, so I guess that’s not really relevant.
    Things I like to write about:
    Love letters, often including poems in iambic pentameter, odes, and haikus
    • Just checking in letters with newspaper clippings of my favorite baked goods recipes
    • Miss you letters, because communication and expressing your feelings are key for maintaining long distance friendships
    • Cover letters, because I actually have a PHD in english lit


      I’m four feet tall, I have light-up sneakers, and I like crayons and super heroes. Cars and dogs that talk are cool too. My favorite subject is recess, and you can usually find me digging in the sandbox with my best friend, who's younger than me by three months. My favorite foods are fish sticks and pixie straws, and my teacher gave me a gold star this week for being a good sharer. I think I might be her favorite kid in the whole kindergarten class. Pick me to write a really nice note to your friends or your mom or your dad – my handwriting is really cool, plus my grandma says I’m good at cheering people up.

      Things I like to write about:
      • Pet stuff or anything having to do with Disney
      • I really love birthdays and birthday parties because I like pizza and ice cream
      • Baby showers
      • Made up holidays

      Rosé All Day

      If I’m not at my Vinyasa hot flow DJ power core class, you can find me posted up at my desk with a vegan chai latte, Lifestyle blogging the hell out of the zucchini-noodle matcha power bowl. I’m a hardcore Ryan Gosling fangirl, am on a first name basis with my facialist (we text) and I’m developing my own line of emojis. I’m a working betch, but I can also be fun if you feed me Rosé and turn on some Chainsmokers. I might even put on a choker and an off-the-shoulder cotton mini dress, who knows. Oh yeah, and my contour game is on point.
      Things I like to write about:
      • horrifically sad breakup letters
      • intense rambling political manifestos
      • letters to your besties telling them you’ll marry them if it doesn’t work out with your S.O
      • Thank you notes for cute AF gifts
      • Super random notes with emojis and cute doodles (I’m actually really artsy too)



       Regular Normie



      I’m probably a lot like your best friend, or your sister, or whoever - the point is, my vibe can’t be summed up in a character bio. If you want to send some snail mail to someone you love, I’m your go-to for writing what you want to say, how you want to say it, without any crazy LOLs as part and parcel of the whole thing. You might even go as far as to call me norm-core, if we’re really set on labels here: I’ve got my life together, I dress like Arthur (yellow sweater and blue jeans) and I’m a really not overly dramatic.



      I'm up for writing about whatever, but I really shine at:

      • Actual letters
      • Cute notes to cute crushes
      • Gag valentines day cards
      • Mysterious admirer notes
      • Whatever your heart desires